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Syidi Abdrahmaan Al-Jamalulayl's FotoPage

By: UmmAbdrahmaan Abdhanif

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Thursday, 12-Jul-2007 04:48 Email | Share | Bookmark
Buah Setar, buah remia dan buah gemia

Alhamdulillah, baru ari ni dapat makan buah setar bila semua buah yang lain dah abis.

Buah ni dah 5 hari di simpan. 3 hari dlam kereta dan 2 hari dlam peti sejuk. Nak susut dari Tok Ibu punya pasal... bukan kedekut tapi tok ibu antu asam... sedangkan asam tu tak elok untuk paru-paru dia yang rosak... so... we hid it away from her.

She was looking around for it yesterday... She opened various plastic bags n containers just in case it was hidden there... I think, she must be feeling better now since she is looking for asam...

I didn't know that it was in the fridge!

I stumble upon it by accident when I was digging deep into the vegetable comparment in the old refigerator.

Least to say... I finished all the 3 dozens of em...

My dad said buah setar is different than buah remia. According to him, buah setar is roundish in shape but but remia is more oval in shape. To me, buah setar has soury taste but buah remia can actualy have a tangy sweet taste to em.

There used to be the buah setar tree by our house but because it was too close to the house, my dad had cut it down long ago. I remember climbing up the tree and munch on the sour fruit from the tree top. Don't be surprise! As a girl, I did grew up on tree top! Panjat buah duku, kelapa, mangoesteen, jambu... etc. Ramai yang terkejut coz saya panjat pokok as a girl... But that was then!

Kali ni, bila makan buah setar... or remia... (Tok Ibu panggil buah gemia) one habit I had was to cut open the seed. Not that I wanted to plant them or anything... but I love to see the hues of purple, violet, magenta, pinkinsh... I could get lost in the worlds of colours just by mesmerizing oven the buah setar seeds...

Once upon a time, when I was lost in the world of colours... I met a boy who was also mesmerized by the hues of purple. We both sat there and feast our eyes on the macro kaleidoscope that was in front of us... We both loved it so much such that we wanted to adopt a particular shade of purple to be our own favourite colour. But purple is of a royal colour. I could I claim it to be my colour? In a sense, I could have since supposedly I'm only the 5th generation of onced actually rulled sultan of a land. But my dad already denounced the lineage due to lack of wealth to support the appearnace of said status? or lack of self worth? or self esteem or simply because of his humility for not wanting to live his life on a stage that is only 6 inhes higher that other human beings which all are the creations of Allh SWT, how could I claim or even wishing that we live on the stage that was left by my own father??? But that boy said he could. It is his birth right to claim the particular shade of colour to be his. When he came to power, he claimed that particular shade of colour to be his very own royal colour!

Teringat cerita lamunan ku itu lah... malam tadi lepas makan buah setar sorang sorang, belah biji setar tu n tangkap gambar... konon nyer nak abadikan the hues of butir star warna-warna diraja... hehehehhehee... Jr sibuk nak makan butir setar yang dah di belah dua... dia ingat boleh makan kot!!!! nak amek gambor pong... blur blur... asyik sibuk nak wat lari dari jr... skali mek atas kerusi kat depan... skali atas meja kat dapor... skali atas meja makn kat depan... skali kat atas meja computer...

InshaAllah... lain kali ... pada siang hari kot... boleh amek gambo elok lagi...

buah setar? buah remia? gemia?...with brown spots

biji yang dah di kulum....

biji star yang dah di belah... setiap satu nyer tak sama rona warna nyer...

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