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Friday, 22-Mar-2013 12:43 Email | Share | | Bookmark

I just posted a link from my Pinterest into a facebook group with my MUltimedia English class and the first reply was >>> U got Pinterest too??? Adding u!

Talk about interest in pinterest? photos? technology? web2.0 apps?

Or is it I'm just too old to be delving into all these...

Thursday, 30-Aug-2012 09:31 Email | Share | | Bookmark
It's time for LI visit again! :)

Diploma programme is two third over.

Degree programme will begin in another 2 weeks.

I owe TESL teaching practicum students another supervision visit.

I also owe one more LI visit.
Visiting Jefrey Sanjan at Jabatan Penerangan Sarawak Bahagian Miri dan Bintulu at Miri, Sarawak.

Wednesday, 8-Feb-2012 06:13 Email | Share | | Bookmark
I'm back - at least for now!


It's been a long while! (my fav sentence when I haven't update blogs or upload any photos)

The snail pace of uploading photos to fotopages really bugs me that I have decided to stay away.

Furthermore, my sister who introduced me to fotopages, left her fotopages when fotopages servers were moved to Israel. (Even though I think it was on purpose that 'they' started it here in Malaysia but with every intention to bring it back there! - just a personal conviction really! - My suspicion was my primary reason for not joining it earlier ... hahahaaa... but caved in to my sister's request).

So, what's new?

Busy as ever.

gained a few pounds.

thus knee problems.

getting older and need more naps. ( Cant put up an all nighters anymore!)

current project? at home front - I'm searching for or designing for custom order a workstation to fit into a bedroom... deciding to have a queen size bed or just double bunk beds where 3 twin size beds can fit in - for guests in mind. At work - students are on inter-semester break till 3rd week tis month - thus no classes for now! But, busy with administrative work - the course proforma for MQA dan data entry for e-info --->

Immediately - tomorrow, I'll be attending a baking class - cupcakes, cheese cake, bread pudding, chocolate mouse and black forest are on the menu.

Okay, tis is the floor plan for the bedroom / study / work room!

Saturday, 21-May-2011 14:52 Email | Share | | Bookmark
Wood Swing Set

I think I can make this on my own.

I love carpentry.

As a kid, when I was reading the stories of the God's messengers and prophets, it seems to me that many of them were carpenters!

With proper tools, I'm sure that this is a viable project!

Friday, 20-May-2011 07:41 Email | Share | | Bookmark
View from 19yh Floor of Felda Residence

Jr has been asking me to take him up there for dinner.

I kept telling him okay but not now.

Last week, the 2nd batch of graduating students of Fakulti of Biotechnology invited me as I was teaching them for one semester long ago for their farewell dinner.

The dinner was at the Felda Residence.

Thinking of how I can get way without Jr noticing, I decided to leave early.

His father took him to the park and I left.

Irfan asked me to bring my camera along and I'd have brought it along even if he had not asked.

I've been meaning to take shots of the view from the top floor of the Felda Residence.

Here are some shots to share with ye all....

IMG_3209 by UmmAbdrahmaan - Alhamdulillah!, on Flickr

IMG_3206 by UmmAbdrahmaan - Alhamdulillah!, on Flickr

IMG_3249 by UmmAbdrahmaan - Alhamdulillah!, on Flickr

IMG_3196 by UmmAbdrahmaan - Alhamdulillah!, on Flickr

IMG_3198 by UmmAbdrahmaan - Alhamdulillah!, on Flickr

IMG_3231 by UmmAbdrahmaan - Alhamdulillah!, on Flickr

IMG_3221 by UmmAbdrahmaan - Alhamdulillah!, on Flickr

IMG_3261 by UmmAbdrahmaan - Alhamdulillah!, on Flickr

IMG_3225 by UmmAbdrahmaan - Alhamdulillah!, on Flickr

The rest of the photos can be viewed here

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